21 July 2021

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Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage

Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage :: Things to Do

Cove Island Lighthouse

First lit in 1858, the Cove Island lighthouse is as beautiful today as the day it first illuminated the waters of Lake Huron. The circular tower is made of rough stone blocks painted a crisp white, while staggered along its sides are narrow, red-trimmed windows just large enough to afford a view of the lake. Near one of the windows on the inside, a workman scratched the date "1856" into the wet cement. At the base of the tower, a fan of bright red steps leads to an archway and door, while 80 feet above, the red lantern room rests on a stone base and is capped by a round, red metal dome. The lantern room is glazed with dozens of square panes and still displays a light that warns mariners of the dangers surrounding the island.  Just feet from the tower, the keeper's house is built of the same rough stone, and features rectangular red -trimmed windows on the first floor and a window peering out from beneath the gable at each end of the building.  A one-storey addition nearly touches the tower and, like the main dwelling, is roofed with beautiful red tile.  A low cement wall surrounds the structures and a second low stone wall frames the house.  The entire northern tip of the island is dominated by the lighthouse complex.  Another residence lies east of the tower, and a 100 foot tall, red and white steel radio tower stands to the west.  Near the radio tower, several other buildings including a boathouse near the rocky shore, complete the complex.

Accessibility: Access to the island is restricted - viewing by private boat, tour boat or Chi-Cheemaun only.

Cove Island

Located on the north east corner of Cove Island. Access restricted - view from private boat, Chi-Cheemaun or take a tour boat from the harbour.

T. 1-800-268-3838

Cove Island Lighthouse

Tobermory, Ontario, Canada Credit: rsalen

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