7 May 2022

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Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage

Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage :: Things to Do

Griffith Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse was one of six limestone towers built in the area in the late 1850s, collectively known as the Imperial Towers. The keeper's house is now near collapse. The Griffith Island lighthouse, one of the Imperial Towers, was built on the east shore of the island in 1859 to guide sailors into Colpoy's Bay. The round, white 55-foot-tall tower tapers to a red metal walkway surrounding a beautiful lantern room entirely encircled with square panes that allow bright sunlight to filter through from any angle. A red metal dome and ventilator ball protect the room from the elements, while below, a few narrow windows mark the sides of the stone tower and a bright red door allows access at ground level.A thin strip of dark brown gravel stretches along the shore in front of the lighthouse, while farther east a section of low land has collected several large, shallow pools only yards from the lake. Though the deep emerald green of the surrounding thick forest stops just short of the lighthouse at remnants of cleared land, the trees are quickly reclaiming that area. In front of the lighthouse a row of bushes bend toward the lake, which stretches along the shore.

Accessibility: No access to island - privately owned - view from private boat only

Griffith Island

North East shore of Griffith Island at the entrance to Colpoy's Bay

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