7 May 2022

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Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage

Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage :: Things to Do

Bustard Light Range

There are three small lights forming two ranges. The towers are of the white, square, pyramidal wooden type, ranging in height between 20 and 30 feet approximately. They were established in 1875 (two smaller towers) and 1893 (larger tower).  Three miles out from the French River entrance, a collection of smooth, gray stones rising 10 feet above the lake to form the small land mass known as Bustard Rocks Three small lights form two ranges. The three white, square, pyramidal wooden towers range in height between 20 and 30 feet approximately. The two smaller towers were established in 1875 and the larger tower in1893.  The presence of three range lights on such a tiny clump of rock makes this a most unusual area in the Great Lakes. Established in 1875, the lights, along with the French River Inner Range lights, were deemed necessary to help mariners with the difficult approach to the French River. The Bustard Rocks Northeast Rear Range light is a square 30-foot-tall tower that narrows as it rises to support a walkway and red lantern room. The Bustard Rocks Range and Northeast Range Front lights are identical 20-foot-tall pyramidal towers topped with a small, red, square cap. A small home was also built on the island for the keeper's use but is no longer standing.

Accessibility: Not open to the public - view by boat only

French River

Bustard rocks at the mouth of the French River

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