7 May 2022

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Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage

Discover Lighthouses & Marine Heritage :: Things to Do

South Baymouth Front & Rear Range Lights

Built in 1898, the South Baymouth range lights rest along a shore reinforced with a low stone wall along the water's edge plus a second, taller wall a few yards back. The lights are nearly identical: white, wood towers angling upward to support square, wooden walkways and lanterns with red caps. Both are marked with a long, red stripe running nearly the height of their front walls to provide day markers for ships approaching the area. The 17 foot tall front range stands close to the water, and the 26-foot-tall rear range is about 250 yards inland, nearly hidden by tall trees. Nearby in South Baymouth, you can catch the car ferry Chi-Cheemaun for an enjoyable two-hour cruise to Tobermory, on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The trip includes some of the most beautiful scenery on the Great Lakes, including views of the Cove Island lighthouse.

Accessibility: Not open to the public - view from the marina

South Baymouth

Front Range - rocky beach on the other side of the marina; Rear Range - on private property across from the marina

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